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Animation Director

A collection of series I have directed the animation, and had a hand in animating a few shots myself!

Noggins at Play

This was the first series I led animation on! It was meant to be a social-emotional series, teaching kids how to empathize, think critically, and work collaboratively with others. I wanted to focus on clear goal and storytelling for the Noggins, as well as fun and recognizable expressions for kids to follow!

Wild Words

Wild Words is a series focused on power words - more complex words with abstract definitions for older kids to learn. Based on catchy music, I wanted the visuals to be energetic and fun to follow suit! We went for a snappier, stop motion sort of feel to make it feel more like toys, or right out of a stylized storybook.

Wild Letters

Wild Letters is a grand compilation of the whole Wild Words series! There were some changes made to make them flow well together!

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