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3D Animation Reel 2021

I had the absolute joy and privilege to animate characters for RWBY and gen: Lock at Rooster Teeth. It was my first time working on a series based project, so it was a new and welcomed challenge! For RWBY, I took on many character/emotional based shots. I also requested a shot with the dragon - it was my first time animating a quadruped!

Working on gen:Lock, I had to adapt to the series' style of being animated on 2's, and mimicking an "anime" sort of feel with minimal movements and blocky actions. I have worked on a few "stop motion" styled projects before, such as Nickelodeon's Winter Refresh.

Being back in New York, I have continued my work in character based projects at Nick Jr and Noggin, where I have begun to take on larger lead roles and expanded my craft into storyboarding and some minor compositing.

RWBY Season 6 Reel

A super cut of all the shots I worked on in RWBY Season 6 for Rooster Teeth, in chronological order.

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